About KVC

About KV Car

KV Car is a London based well renowned minicab company in London. Over the years, it is providing cozy, pleasant and commodious drives to its customers. Initially, KV Car started with a small number of cars, with an unbinding passion to deliver high quality traveling options. As a result, with the passage of time it proved itself a superior Private Hire Vehicle network of London. Currently, we own more than 100 automated, diverse and fully equipped vehicles along with 1000 licensed and experienced drivers. Our offices are located in the core of the city at .Battersea and Southwark, London

Our core objective is to offer comfortable and hassle free rides to our close to the heart customers. That is why we are deeply committed to delight you by offering the range of delicate, reliable, credible and timely state of the art transportation.

Our round the clock 24/7 customer services presents unique and convenient solutions to assist any kind of mobility in the city of London. Although, currently we are on the right track and performing very well, but we are still determined to further improve the standard of our approach to your satisfaction. We are keen to expand the range of our vehicles and services to completely integrate with your travelling needs.

If you are ever in need to know more about KV Car or to book its services kindly let us know without any hesitation. Besides that, we really appreciate any kind of feedback or query regarding our services.

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