Black Cabbies Protest against Uber: London gridlock

The drivers of traditional black taxis of London are going to strike against Uber this afternoon. They will get to the streets to call a protest against Uber’s increasing domination on the taxi industry. It is organised by an organization named United Cabbies Group, but their concerns are common throughout the Taxi/Cab industry.

Black Cabbies Protest against Uber

Black Cabbies Protest against Uber

The drivers of London are concerned about the rapid growth of Uber that they will run out the Hackney carriages from the London as they are offering cab on comparatively low cost to their customers as well as Uber’s mobile app that enables users to book private cars, using GPS technology to set the quote.

Protestors want Transport for London (TfL) to strike Uber with more strict rules and also put limits on the numbers of drivers they hires. The general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA), reported that Uber was involved in a “race to the bottom” which kept its drivers struggling to make enough money and they sell driver a dream to earn much money and to have a decent life in this expensive city.

Do not suffer because of this strike, as KVC will be operating during this traffic disruption. For bookings and enquires call us 020 7924 6666 or email us


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