Central Line Seats Uphold More Bacteria Than a Handle of Toilet

central line seats

A most shocking and dreadful analysis recently revealed that Central Line Seats hold one hundred and three folds more bacteria than as much found on a seat handle of the toilet.

Research conducted by website DrEd.com indicates the seats of the trains, which operates between Epping and Leyton, are leading the lot.

The study analysed the specimens taken from seats, ceiling handles, touch screen ticket machines, and escalator handrails.

Stratford Station was found containing the highest levels of bacteria among all other stops.

More disturbingly, the line also hosts high bacteria count for up to 597 CFU (Colony Forming Units) within every 10-centimetre diameter.

Despite these facts, still, the central line was relatively considered cleaner than the Northern Line, with 1600 CFU per 10 centimetres.

Meanwhile, the Victoria Line has taken the sixth position in the list of dirtiest lines.

However, the northern line has excelled over the group with 1,647 CFU per 10 centimetres which is the highest count of germs, nearly three folds more than the central.

In the given scenario overall perception of the public suggests that most of the public transport is unhygienic and poorly maintained which needs to be properly cleaned and checked at least twice or thrice a day.

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