Go Green: Earth Day Message by KV Cars

Earth Day 2016Every year, Earth Day is celebrated with full passion on April 22 across the world in order to promote the environmental awareness among the masses. In 1970, it was publicly celebrated for the first time and is now globally coordinated by the Earth Day Network. Here we are going to tell you, how people around the world are celebrating and how an individual can help assist the green mobility option.

In the international arena, a lot is happening to speed up the Earth protection movement. This time in 2016, 1 billion people across the globe will get involved in a variety of planet protection schemes. On Friday, April 22nd, U.S and China along with the 160 countries of the world will sign the Historic Paris Agreement to join the global agreement on combating climate change.

In the UK, over millions of people volunteer for various earth protection activities. Alone the London, going to host a range of special events at different venues of the city. Festivals and events like Fishackathon, Kennington Park Litter pick, Earth Festival, Jack Connors and Game Changer Conference are likely to rock the environment conscious Londoners. All of these will take place between April 22 to April 24 of the year 2016.

Green CarsAs everyone around the world, celebrating and contributing earth protection in his own capacity, why not we as individuals take steps to add our bits. As various environmental surveys suggest that vehicle emissions do a lot of harm to the ecological system. To counter those hazardous effects, sectors like public and private are taking major initiatives, for instance; the auto industry is now producing eco-friendly vehicles. Among which Toyota Prius is a unique addition, currently added to the vehicle fleet of KV Cars. Passengers intended to support the environmental cause, usually, book this vehicle. It is a complete eco-friendly alternative and can be hired anytime anywhere 24/7.

In the end, our message of the day is to “Go Green” and do not stop doing it. So, Go Green whenever you need to move around anywhere.

To Go Green contact 020 7924 6666 or email bookings@kvcars.co.uk

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