What time do you close?

Our call center / operating centers remain open through out the year (24/7) 365 days a year.

What’s the difference between account and cash bookings?

Account customers pay a premium for the priority service and cash is the cheapest option.

How can I cancel a booking?

Bookings can be cancelled in 3 different ways.
1. Quickest and easiest is a phone call to our operating center on 0207 924 6666.
2. For smartphone users, our app gives you an option to cancel the booking.
3. You can always email us at bookings@kvcars.co.uk

I’ve left my bag or another item in one of your cars. What shall I do?

Please complete our Lost property form. All lost property is returned to the office and we keep a log of all items. All found property is kept safely in the office until you are able to collect it. We will only keep lost property for a maximum of 90 days.

Why do you charge more for airport collections?

Flight arrival times are hard to predict. We have to allow room for error in case the flight is early or delayed. So as a standard, we charge £7 more to collect up from the airport.

Do you charge waiting time at the airports?

We track all flights to reduce waiting times and car park charges.
Once the flight has landed, the first 40 minute from the touchdown are inclusive in the price quoted. If the driver has to wait an hour after the touchdown, you will only be charged for 20 minute waiting time at £18 per hour.

Do you charge for the car park at airports?

Yes, any parking charges incurred during the passengers collection from the airport are to be paid by the passenger. Parking receipts should be obtained from your driver directly during your collection.

How do I find my driver at the airport?

Please refer to the relevant airport under our Airport Transfers sections for the meeting points as each airport. It is also our policy to send all customers a text message with the driver’s name, his mobile number, his vehicle registration number and the colour of his vehicle. You can always communicate via phone with the driver. However, if you cannot find your driver in the arrival hall, please call our operating center on 0207 924 6666.
Once you have arrived at the airport and cleared the customs, you will come out to the arrival hall. Your driver will be waiting at the designated meeting point.

What if I arrive unexpectedly at any of the London airports?

KVC have a fleet size of some 150 drivers. All you need is a quick phone call to 0207 924 6666 and our operators will be able to inform you of the nearest available vehicle.

What if my flight is delayed?

KVC will check every 15 minutes with the airport regarding any delays. We will only send the driver when the airport has displayed the confirmed landing time.
Note: Airport confirmations are not always 100% reliable, we endeavour to do our best but  is not liable for these delays by the airlines i.e. aborted landing, baggage, immigration etc.

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