Garden Bridge consultation

The Garden Bridge Trust (GBT) has called upon the public and all other stakeholders for consultation regarding the operations plan of the proposed pedestrian Garden Bridge. The consultation requires local community to provide their views on the design and plans of the project till Monday 31 August, by responding their feedback to the GBT’s;

  • Email address
  • Drop in events
  • Online questionnaire
  • Or by free post questionnaire on their leaflets


Transport for London (TFL) is cooperating with the trust by hosting the consultation on their website and also to get the required permissions to construct the bridge. Furthermore, a variety of options are also under consultation for the availability of transport at the each end of bridge landings. GBT is planning to provide visitors every possible access to approach the bridge. Planning contains the integration of public transport and already available cab shelter and taxi stands to the landings. However, only pedestrian mobility would be allowed over the bridge, even cyclists have to dismount before they enter the crossing.

According to the Garden Bridge Trust, community involvement is an essential part of the consultation for this unique and environmentally friendly project. Notably, GBT is requesting people and concerned entities to share their views before finalizing any plan. As per the reports, the Garden Bridge would extend across the river Thames connecting the Temple station in the city of Westminster to the South Bank in the London Borough of Lambeth.

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