Global Warming: A Potential Threat If Not Curtailed



According to scientists, if humanity crumples to control global warming, it will have to face devastation effects; drought, hefty migrations, drenched metropolises and scathing warmth.

A crucial climate summit opening on November 30, heads of 195 nations will gather in Paris to; determine what is exactly at stake and agree on a pact to curb the greenhouse gases that herding the environmental changes.

Apparently, here is what awaits humanity if they fails to come up with any solution:

Rising temperature

No action means additional heat up, as up to 4 degrees Celsius rise is anticipated till the end of this century, in relation to the levels of pre-industrial era.

A bulk of studies indicates that this would lit up the disaster.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that if the crises is taken lightly it would bring immense, extensive and irretrievable impacts.

Mounting seas

By the year 2100, the oceans level would skyrocket 26-82 centimeters, comparing the levels recorded between 1986 and 2005, as per IPCC most recent findings, covering the data till 2012. The updated research suggests even rapid increase.

Causes of the rise are glacial lands of Antarctica and Greenland peeling mass rapidly like never before, expanding oceans and liquefying glaciers.

Approximately 280 million people would be drawn if temperature rise by only 2 degree Celsius, says an American research group.

Harsh weathers

Wilder-storms, extreme cold and acute dog days could be very common—and more intense—resulting from global warming.

It will also bring deadly floods, typhoons and snowstorms. However, the climate change can’t be blamed for every single seasonal wilderness.

Water crises

Global warming can cause long dry spells and destructive floods, due to which some portions of the globe would face water shortage while others would be in surplus.


Humanitarian crises

Global warming can stir diseases, wreck crops and drag more people into starvation. Water conflict or smaller yields could trigger war or even mass diaspora.

Inhabitants of low-lying areas likewise; Maldives or Philippines could fall victim, compelled to move away due to the rise in sea level.


Countries at risk ally to counter climatic harshness


In this critical situation, all inhabitants of the world have to safeguard their heavenly home called the planet earth. Every individual can play his part, however some segment of the society deem more responsibility such as industrial entities, among which transport is also a pivotal segment.

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