Hammersmith Flyover Closure

Hammersmith Flyover was built in 1961 and it carries the 4 sided A4 arterial road above the Hammersmith gyratory which connects the west London to central London. After architectural investigations in year 2011, it was being announced that metal cords of the flyover’s spans had damaged because of erosion.

Hammersmith Flyover Closure

Hammersmith Flyover Closure

Flyover required to be strengthen because it will prolong its life and require no huge maintenance will be needed for many decades.

Due to of maintenance it will be partially or fully closed, because work cannot be carried out during traffic using the road. Regular night time closure will be carried on till summer 2015 and during this flyover will remain close for traffic in both directions.

Passengers are advised to expect possible delays as well as drivers who will use the flyover must follow the signed diversion, as following diversion will cause less delay.

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