Heathrow Airport Expansion

Heathrow airport the busiest airport of Europe is under UK Airport Commission Radar for the proposed expansion. Public views about this expansion was not so good because according to them it will directly effect their day to day life as it will cause air pollution. Head of the commission decided to start public consultation regarding this matter.

Business leaders of the airline industry are very much conscious about the expansion of Heathrow airport because the airline industry is keen to introduce more flights to Heathrow to give a big push to their business.

Heathrow Airport Expansion

Heathrow Airport Expansion

By the expansion of Heathrow airport more flights operations will increase, which will be important for more airport transfers. To overcome the pressure caused by more flights, there will be more cabs required.

KVC will minimize the burden of the busiest airports flights by providing enough cab services. We have a large fleet of vehicles including Mini cabs, Minivans, Estate cars and Executive cars as per your traveling requirements.

Time doesn’t matter as our cabs are available 24/7 at the airport at all times. If you are traveling to Heathrow or from Heathrow, we are just a single call away from you.

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