Is your driver insured?

Are you safe with Uber? As per the investigation by “The Guardian”, Uber is allowing forged documented drivers to work with Uber, which compromises all Londoner’s safety.

A reporter from The Guardian has revealed that how an Uber’s driver was allowed to pick up a customer regardless of the fact that he had provided fake insurance documents to Uber. For this Purpose Robert submitted a totally fictitious insurance policy under the name of a fake insurance company named as “Freecover” and Uber authorized the driver to pick up commuters authorising the insurance cover note as valid.

driver insured

driver insured

Some drivers are worried about the violation of technology as it could put customer’s safety at risk. Moreover, The Transport for London (TFL) has brought out an investigation into Uber over the breach.Don’t put yourself in danger, don’t put your life at risk by travelling with the drivers who do not have the right level of cover. KV cars drivers are fully vetted and we have stringent policies for documentation validation using only a handful of Insurance companies with whom we can verify drivers cover as being valid. We provide a secure drive for Londoners, as well as having fully vetted PCO licensed vehicles.


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