KV cars: Alternate to Addison Lee

Addison Lee, the firm, which is being considered the UK’s biggest Minicab Company. No doubt, indeed it is Uk’s biggest Minicab service provider company by size, but the question is, do they provide the best minicab service to Londoners?


It has been experienced so many times that the drivers off UK’s leading Minicab Company ignore road laws. A lot of pedestrians as well as cyclists have been harmed by the poor driving and ignorance of their unprofessional drivers.A number of corporate customers approach other minicab companies because of Lee’s inaccessibility. Specifically on weekends and rush hours, many commuters face delays and sometimes even no service.


Being greatest Minicab Company their normal fares are comparatively high. So if you can get same services at comparatively low cost then why Adisson Lee? So, it is time to choose an alternate to Addison Lee, KV cars might not the biggest company but providing top quality service to our customers at very competitive fare and with so many promotional offers.We give Londoners with an excellent standard of corporate and private hire transport service. We offer a large fleet of vehicles that can accommodate your traveling requirements.So save your time and money, give us a call, send an email or download our free mobile app and get best services. We would love to welcome our new customers to our KV cars family.


For further assistance and bookings, call us at 020 7924 6666 or send us an email at bookings@kvcars.co.uk.

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