KV cars: Alternative to Green Tomato cars

Green Tomato Cars- A world of zero-emission transport, undoubtedly, it is a company which offers environmental friendly cars. The important thing is, apart from environmental perspective how efficiently the other services are managed.
In competition with Addison Lee their main focus is on marketing and advertising a particular kind of vehicle of standard make and color. For this purpose their PR campaign has a high cost which reflects in their fares.
Why Green Tomato? Why not an alternative? Who can provide you reliable services including Hybrid cars service, executive car service and Multi Passenger Vehicles on time at competitive fares. For all these services KV cars is the best choice along with courteous control staff and responsive customer service representatives. They will assist you at their maximum approach.
Customer’s time is an important factor for KV cars, so we are punctual, reliable and trustworthy. We have a large fleet of vehicles approachable all around in London city. Don’t waste your money and your efforts on such Minicab giants who are only cashing their names.
Don’t forget to download our free mobile app, in which you have an option to track your cab anytime and make your journey secure. For further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department at 020 7924 6666.

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