London Tube Strike – Strike Ahead

London Tube Strike – Strike Ahead


Harsh, but reality- Londoners have to face two more tube strikes at the end of this month. The stoppage of the service has been announced by the unions as their talks with the Tube authorities met vanity. This strike is taking place due to a dispute over the new all-night Tube, which will be staged on two different dates. The first strike will continue for 24 hours start at 6.30pm on Tuesday, August 25, and the second on Thursday August 27, respectively.

As a matter of fact the closure of London Tube will bring a standstill situation in London, both the parties claim the righteousness of their opinion. On one hand, the Union seeks to assert the set of their demands while on the other hand London underground (LU) called on unions to enter into “calm and realistic” negotiation.

The announced suspension of the London Tube would cause a severe disruption in the movement of common Londoners. To avert any kind of potential delay commuter may opt for the alternate modes of speedy, efficient and reliable transportation. Where this diversion may reduce the effect of the strike can also help the public to run their daily life with these hassle free mediums of transport.

During the strike, the London Tube staff will quit providing their services from 6.30pm on the 25th of August until the same time of the next day. It will be reiterated again on the 27th of August for the next 24 hours. All the unions and London Underground authority are up to meet their demands which have made the situation as tug of war and will cripple the ease of traveling.

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