Londoners Responded Huge Backing For ‘Cycle Superhighways’ Right Before The Mayoral Polls

Cycle Superhighways London

The newly proposed cycle highway can be seen in the image

Both, Tory Zac Goldsmith and his mayoral rival Sadiq Khan of Labour got the green light to proceed with the ‘cycle revolution’ plan of Boris Johnson.

Overwhelming support for the main road cycle lanes has been found in a poll conducted by YouGov.

Participants were asked, whether they support cycling tracks to be built on main roads in their local area?

In reply 71 percent Londoners welcomed the ‘cycle superhighways’ and 18 percent voted against it while 10 percent replied with “Don’t know”.

The great proportion of participants (54 percent) approved even if these cycle lanes prolong their daily travel by 5 minutes.

The British Cycling policy advisor, Chris Boardman, consider this YouGov opinion survey as an indicator, representing the majority public say, who are willing to see more of such tracks on the main roads.

He further believes this, as an enough of evidence allowing transport authorities and politicians to pursue such initiatives, boldly.

He mentioned a variety of social segments as an argument who want to see this project completed.

While expressing his concerns over the delay to start the plan, he showed his incapability to know the reason behind the wait.

Setting aside all the concerns and suspicions, this survey has helped to end the uncertainty and conveyed the voice of the majority in the ears of policy makers. This initiative, in return, will promote the cycling and extend the roads of London, as well.






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