Proposals To Refund The First Time Driving Test Passers


The new plan of government aims to jack up the first-time pass low rate, currently stands at 21% only.


Informal proofs suggests most of learning drivers are booking the practical test even before preparation to clear it.

The learners who are well prepared and qualify the test on the first try will be entitled to claim the partial refund of the fee, as per the new proposals of government.

The scheme is designed to boost the first time pass ratio, currently stands at 21%.

The secretary of transportation Patrick McLoughlin consider this change as an incentive in the form of fractional fee return.

The proposal suggests that an unsuccessful applicant won’t be compensated, the complete plan has been presented for public consultation by the Transport Department.

According to the consultation, there are some unconfirmed evidences which states that some learners are manipulating the opportunity by booking the test date in advance, at the beginning of lessons, and then appear in the test no matter if they are ready or not.

The director of the RAC Foundation, Steve Gooding said, their organization supports the proposals.

He expressed his support to stand by the steps that may encourage the learning drivers to grasp the experience required to pass the test first time efficiently, instead of succeeding marginally or failing to recap the expansive process.

The consultation is going to be announced on Friday, which will also scrutinize to introduce further flexibility to the test so that drivers can appear on weekends or at night, and from a variety of centres.

The minister for transport Lord Tariq Ahmad consider these proposals a design to facilitate the efforts of government monitoring entities and also a step towards modernization and improvement of road safety, specifically for young age drivers.

Increasing the large goods vehicle drivers will also be taken into account, as it is one of the most demanding issue encountering haulage industry of roads. Changes could entail refining the information sharing between agencies and streamlining the application process.

The consultation will end on January 8th and the department will answer back next year.

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