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Question: At what point do I charge waiting time, and how much do I charge?

Answer: The industry standard is the first nine minutes are free, and on the tenth minute you charge the full ten minutes plus any additional time. The charge for waiting time is £15 per hour or £1.25 for every five mins. In the case of wait and return jobs, five minutes free at destination. Therefore on a wait and return job if the passenger keeps you waiting ten mins you only charge for five mins because the first five are free. This all assumes that you have contacted your passenger on arrival.

Question: Can I refuse a job?

Answer: Yes you can, but without a valid reason for refusing the job you will be logged off and unable to work for the remainder of your shift for that day. (Pick-up is too far away is not a valid reason)

Question: I am taking a passenger to the airport and they ask me if I can come and pick them up next week, what do I do?

Answer: Tell them to book it through the office and request you, give them your full driver number e.g. T013 not just 013, so we send the correct driver and not lose the customer. If your available that day you will be given the job. This rule applies to all jobs not just airports.

Question: Sometimes at the weekends when I call the office a rude Scottish man answers the phone and asks “Why did you not call the driver line?” and then he just hangs up. How do I avoid this?

Answer: We know its difficult to get through to the controller during busy periods, use your PDA if you can to send a message. Please do not call the main office number unless its a real emergency. (Car is on fire for example)

Question: I have just dropped at the airport and someone approaches me asking if I can take them to Kennington, can I call the controller and ask him to book it in for me?

Answer: No, give the customer our business card and ask them to call the office from their mobile and give them your full driver number, and standby. Under NO circumstances should you call the office from your mobile and pass your phone to the passenger, this is tantamount to “Blagging”.

Question: I am doing one of those “Wonderful Kabbie Jobs”. Why do they always say they never got a text message to say I had arrived?

Answer: Unfortunately we cannot send text messages to advise customers that your on your way, or that you have arrived with Kabbie Jobs. Always phone the customer on “Arrival” with Kabbie Jobs.

Question: I get to a job collection and the customer is going to a different destination, do I just collect them and keep driving.

Answer: NO. Is the simple answer to this. All jobs are quoted, so to save problems later please update control with updated destination and advise the customer of the change in fare BEFORE you collect them and start driving. Should you fail in doing so. the controller will ask the passenger to pay the quoted cost only as the ONUS lies on you to update passenger at all times before you collect the passenger.

Question: I get to a job collection and the customer on my PDA it says customer has two luggage and one hand luggage,  customer comes out but luggage is slightly larger then I assumed but it will fit in my car.

Answer: Don’t start fussing about sizes of suitcases and luggage if it fits in your vehicle just collect the passenger and provide them with a good service. On the other hand if you get to a collection and customer has more luggage then will fit in your vehicle, then call control and let us liaise with the passenger, don’t get in a hissy fit.

Question: I always call up before my shift to ask if it is busy or quiet and whether it is worth coming out to work. Controller always say’s its quiet. What do I do?

Answer: Stop asking stupid questions for a start! I for one don’t like this and I’m pretty sure the controller is not amused by you calling and wasting his/her time. The controller will always tell you its quiet unless he is really pushed or has jobs queued, the less of you that are on the road the less difficult his job becomes. Come out do your shift and no matter how quiet you may think it is you will be guaranteed to make money. Remember we take on work in accordance to number of drivers on the road at a given time.

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