Report it to stop it

90 percent of unwanted sexual behaviors on public transport goes unreported but now you can report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Transport of London has started a campaign called “Report it to stop it” which intends to enhance reporting of unwanted sexual behavior on public transport.

If you are feeling any scenario related with sexual harassment anywhere on public transport, you can directly report by sending one message. Simply text 61016 and give details of what, where and when.The attached hard-hitting is made after following a women’s journey in a local tube station, where she is feeling unwanted sexual behavior from a man. Video shows that the lady ignored the man’s behavior to avoid her but he did not stop harassing her.

“Avoidance makes the problem worse”, so avoiding is not the solution. To stop this you have to report this. Be a part of this campaign and get rid of such kind of embarrassing situations from society.

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