Second transport strike to go ahead on May 6, 2015

Public transport workers have announced they are going to take part in a second strike which might affect all rail and bus services in Northern Ireland. Union said a 24 hour strike is being planned for 6 may 2015 and all public transport worker will be the part of the strike.

Second transport strike

Second transport strike

In the month of March all workers took part in first 24 hour strike which affected public transport, education and administration. The protest was taken against Stormont’s budget and against public service cuts. According to strikers Stormont’s budget deal was not a good deal as it bad for public services and their members. It caused disruption across many areas in Northern Ireland, a number of children and patients were affected due to this strike.

While talking to the BBC news, Unite told that the strike will affect North Ireland Railways, Ulsterbus, and Metro services.

After the announcement of strike, Translink said in a statement that it is very disappointing that all passengers could suffer specially the students who are preparing for their exam. Moreover, they also said that they are seeking to talk to unite as soon as possible about the announcement, that unite will go on strike on Wednesday 6 May.

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