Station Closure Caused Passengers Discord At London Bridge


Chaotic scenes at outdoor of main London station in the morning.



                                Soaked travellers lined up the road nearby to London Bridge station.

This scene of disarray took place today at London Bridge right after overcrowding brought in by strike abandoned access to the station.

Packed crowds of soggy passengers were stranded in the rain due to the closure of the station by TfL heads as a result of industrial action.

The Dockland Light Railway strike caused the bottle neck situation at London Bridge, and the moment station authorities chose to start a one-way system then an inevitable travel disorder happened.

Crowds of commuters were compelled to stay outside the one entryway of the station, while a huge amount of them left off altogether and opting for alternate avenues and modes of transport.

Bulks of commuters were forced to choose a different passage and the way of communication at London Bridge to continue their journey.



Commuters lined up intentionally besides the block to access the London Bridge station this morning.


Some of them were annoyed of wetness, and some were bothered by desperate people queueing all together on the road only to enter into the station.

This strike is called by the Rail, Maritime and Transport union over working practices will last for 48 hours and is due to end on Thursday at 4am.


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