The Best Way To Get A Cab

Comparative Analysis Of Cab Booking Methods


Choosing a way to call a cab is the first step before you embark on a journey. Each week, around 1.4 million Londoners in London are carried by the capital’s private hire industry. All these journeys are prearranged via either medium; i.e. phone, web or mobile application. There are plenty of factors, affecting one’s decision to opt for an option, involves a deep brainstorming.  Aspects that play its role in adopting a method are; convenience, time and reliability. Each of these needs to be properly analysed so that a trend going to dominate in the future could be known. Below is the brief preview of each component along with the various methods of taxi reservation.


Seeking convenience is the ultimate goal of all what we do in routine life. The mechanism of hiring a ride itself is considered as a matter of comfort pursuant. Studies done on the cab industry have proved that the majority commuters spent some time thinking to select the most convenient mode of carriage reservation. As compared to the phone, both web and app booking are found more convenient as it involves simple form filling (in majority cases), rather than talking to a stranger usually requires detailed guidance over the phone.


In the today’s busiest life, time is considered as money and an influential element helps guide to pick from the variety of options at hand. Not only, opting a convenient medium matters a lot, but the time allocated to get the transport at your door step, is also vital and a role playing agent. In general, a greater part of the customers, choose speedy mean to appoint a carrier before them. Comparatively, dialing and online is a bit of time-consuming activity, whereas, apps with the few fingertips do the job done, and is prioritised higher and treated as a smart solution.


It’s easy to call a cab, but who knows whether you would get the same level of luxury and comfort been told off. A lot of minicab providers claim too much but very few of them fulfill their promises and the rest stab you in the back by not providing a ride on time. This is why people show extra curiosity, and double or triple check to single out the best and authentic cabbie. Most of the companies with land line numbers are trusted and preferred over others, just because it add an extra sense of satisfaction. It feels like that the person whom one is dealing, exists in reality and gathers a mass.

Despite all the pros and cons, globalization and speedy lifestyle of greater London continue to promote the technological dependence, as a result hiring a cab through the mobile app became the most dominating trend. It indicates a huge potential to completely monopolise the near and far future as well. Being an advance and a realistic minicab provider of the London, KV Cars offer its customers a long lasting comfort and booking luxury via phone, website or their mobile app which is available on the iPhone and Google play stores. All you need is to download KVC TRANSPORT app and that’s it!

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