The Busiest Day Ever Witnessed by London Underground


Last month 4.735million travellers get on the tube on a single day, as Transport for London anticipates another record in 2015


A horde of the crowd entering into the tube can be seen in the photo.  

Last month when 4,735,000 people used the tube, it was declared the busiest day of the London Underground.

According to Transport for London on Friday, October 9 nearly half a million passengers overlapped the previous record of 4.734million taken place on November 28th in 2014, and such a huge number of travelling never happened in 152-years-old history of TFL.

During October’s last week, the network carried 28.6m people broke the 28.3m people record established last year in a week of December.


Waterloo Station led the list of average weekday usage.

As per TFL, till the end of this year all old records are expected to be broken, with the constant increase in the number of people using the tube.

The most recent figures of TFL indicate that Oxford Circus (98.5 million) is the busiest station of the network, between April 2014 and April 2015, pursed by King Cross (91.9 million) and Waterloo (91.5 million).

However, when it comes to weekday averages, Waterloo is on the top, 144,764 accesses and 145,655 outs, leaving behind King’s Cross (144,672 and 135,842) on the second position and Oxford Circus (143,996 and 157,520) on the third.

Last year 1.30 billion passengers commuted through the tube exceeding the number of year before which was 1.26 billion.

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