The life Style of Your Favorite footballers

If you want to know about the personal rides of your best footballers then you are on the right page, just scroll down, we are going to share with you the hidden facts:

Wayne Rooney (England):

Wayne Rooney has a deep driving desire to drive a supercharged SVU with a powerful V8 engine.

David Villa (Spain):

Spanish striker David Villa’s best car is Porsche 911 Turbo which is a two-door sport car with a luxurious cabin, most-suitable for long drives.

Teko Modise (South Africa):

Midfielder Teko Modise has an Aston Martin DB9 which is a timeless, elegant car and is a result of modern technology and refinement.

Mario Balotelli (Italy):

Italian striker Mario Balotelli prefer Ferrari F12 for his personal rides which is one of the fastest cars today.

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