Tube strike London – Last Ditch Talks Broke Off

Tube strike London – Pay increase ahead of 24 hour night tube launch became the cause of the chaotic strike. Underground tube strike in London is expected to be among the most disturbing strikes till the day. There is a need to find out the ways for keeping calm during the chaotic situation. As the strike is expected to last not a few hours but a few days instead, people have to find their way to keep the daily routines and work going on.

It’s a 24 hour strike, starting at July 8, 6:30 pm and lasting till July 9. Over 20,000 underground workers are taking part in the walk out. The tube service will officially be ceased during these hours which will be a hassle beyond doubt.

Tube Strike London

One of the notable aspect of this strike is the reasons behind it. It’s a dispute that arose of the rejection of pay increase demand from the workers of night service. In addition to the wage increase, the night shift workers demand £2,000 bonus as well which makes it further unacceptable for ASLEF, RMT, United, and TSSA. The strike will cause a disruption in the western service from/to Paddington.

Last ditch negotiations for strike aversion between the Union leaders and Tube authorities proved futile. There is an outside chance the resolution will take place, though the odds are daunting.

The details of the Tube strike London go this way. TSSA, United, and RMT are expected to have a 24 hour strike that starts at 6:30 tonight, while ASLEF plan to start from 9:30. There will be no underground service during these hours. Alternative arrangements for travel are strongly advised to the passenger. For passenger convenience, the map for key bus routes is produced by Tfl that covers the areas in Central London. Airport services will continue during the strike.

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