Tube Travel Can be 4 Times Longer for Disabled

Tube journey around London can take four times longer if you’re disabled.

Research by Muscular Dystrophy UK Trailblazers revealed that tube travel takes as long as four times for passengers with wheelchairs.

For disabled, it takes 4.5 times longer on average to make a journey via a tube. A travel between Paddington and Moorgate, without any access needs, require popping through City lines and Hammersmith and takes around 20 minutes. But if you are with full access needs, you will have to get to the Liverpool Street or Farringdon, followed by two bus transits. As a whole, this takes about 60 minutes.

From Liverpool Street to Bank, which is a single tube stop, takes fourteen minutes rather than one minute. Some more examples which take extra time are; Waterloo to Baker, Camden Town to King’s Cross, and Victoria to Willesden Green, 37, 51 and 17 minutes, respectively.

Whereas in a case of bus travelling, the situation is even worsening. The research takes in case studies of access needed passengers in London, among which some were terrible, such as; in the case of Ravi Mehta from London, a bus driver refused to let his wheelchair on board while allowing a buggy to put on the bus.

In another case study, a disabled person named Clare Watson was verbally abused and insulted by other passengers and bus driver.

The full report on this issue can be found at the website of Muscular Dystrophy UK Trailblazers.

In the given circumstances, though TfL is vowing to improve the system, but still it will take too much time. In the meantime, respected disabled Londoners are left with other viable transport options, like minicab services in London. Why?

Disabled in minicabBecause, cab companies around the city usually recruit well trained, licensed and well-behaved drivers who are constantly monitored by the customer support and quality control teams. Besides that, they do offer extra space to accommodate wheelchairs and other necessary tools. They help passengers along with their luggage to get on board conveniently. In short, every disabled traveler has a story to tell why private hire vehicles mean a lot to him.

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