Wet Weekend Ahead: As Storm Abigail Up To Hit UK


The Londoners are warned by the Met Office of a blustery weekend.


Better to choose ponchos rather than umbrellas to negate the strong breezes


‘Tenacious’ heavy rain is foreseen at the end of the day, and a ‘heavy and thundery’ showers in the Friday morning- and a drop in temperature as well.


On Saturday there’s no easy-up, with windy morning tailed by heavy rainfall. Sunday is going to be “too breezy but temperate alongside more rain”.

The project of the Met Office and Eireann “name our storms” is believed to raise awareness of intense weather and facilitate the public safety greatly.

In the UK and/or Ireland storms are being named especially when they are supposed to cause a greater effect or damage.

Abigail leads the list of winning names, containing twenty more in the records likewise; Barney, Clodagh, Desmond, Eva, and etc.

Aside from the fact that we will be at least exempted from 90mph winds of the storm called Abigail could hit today the north-west of Scotland. Transport and power supplies are expected to be the victims of the storm, revealed by the Met Office. It is also forecasted that lightning is likely along with huge waves to over tip the causeways and coasts of Britain.


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