Why to Visit London Parks in Spring?

The arrival of spring brings causes to celebrate and push out the chilling breeze of winter. It often starts with the warmth of the weather, flowers blossom, tree buds and all other glowing changes refreshing the whole atmosphere. To witness and live that heavenly beginning, parks in London offers plenty to experience that change.

London Parks 1The Capital of England is known for its fascinating parks and greenery, that is why it attracts visitors from around the country and the world. Residents and locals are very friendly and you’ll never get short of enjoyment and sightseeing. The best thing about these stunning oasis is that these are free for all!

The most famous are the Royal Parks, a lot of which are flocking to the main sites. Green Park and St James Park adjoin Buckingham Palace, and St James Park associates The Mall. St. James, covering 58 acres, looks amazing in the spring season with plenty of lakes and greenery. The water pools home the obligatory geese and ducks, whereas Green Park also hosts a more surprising pod for pelicans.

Also in the list are Hyde Park and Kensington Park. With over 4000 trees, Hyde Park is one of London’s most visited parks; encompassing over 350 acres, horse rides, lakes, Meadowlands, and plenty of chilling opportunities to take it easy. It is also a place for the annual Party and Proms in the Park. Whereas, Kensington Park is 275 acres smaller and is a lot more formal than Hyde Park. There you will find The Albert Memorial, formal flower beds, avenues of trees, and Peter Pan’s statue as well as the Peter Pan Themed Playground called Diana Memorial.

Richmonds ParkAmong the parks is also a Regents Park popular for around 150 years. Built on 410 acres of land hooking up a huge outdoor sports arena largest in London. The park also presents an open air theatre and plenty of cafes to double the taste of your trip.

With a herd of free roaming deer and 2500 acres, Richmond Park is the London’s biggest enclosed space and has royal connections dating back to the 13th Century. On clear days, there are amazing views of St Paul’s Cathedral and River Thames. The spring appears to be a perfect time to explore the ponds, flower gardens, and woodlands of the park and the place is designated as a Special Scientific Interest Site.

London is full of wonderful parks and open spaces which glow when the sun starts shining and the weather warming and all these are convenient to access to on foot, the tube, or by cab.  In KV Cars, you can drive down the St. James Park and Green Park on either side or pop in whichever London park appease your eyes.

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