Will Autonomous Cars Be Able To Take Over Taxis?

autonomouscarsAutonomous cars and the technology it contains seem to be the discussion of the day. How will these cars operate? How secure they will be? How much are they going to cost? And whether they will be completely independent?  The world is curious to get answers to these questions. To some this still doesn’t worth any discussion, but as per a recent study, done by the Boston Consulting Group, fully autonomous vehicles are likely to be on the roads by 2025 while partially autonomous vehicles are already in.

No doubt, with all available news on autonomous vehicles, our KV Cars team unable to help but wondering the effects this will cause to the taxi and private hire industry. Currently, taxi drivers are aiming all of their reactions to dispose of Uber and Uber’s drivers are aiming to switch taxi customers to Uber, but with the probability that cars with autonomous features will completely stir up by 2025 perhaps these drivers should care a bit more about self-driving cars filching over their employment.

As stated by the BCG’s study, multiple social circles across the globe are already examining or plan to examine driver-less sorts of taxis, such as; Wageningen University of Netherlands, Milton Keynes, a planned community in the UK, and Singapore, test run some vehicles and some are pending till 2017. The objective of all these trials is to examine the AVs performance on public roads in the real traffic conditions and how they handle bicyclists, pedestrians, and all other hazardous prospects.

Do you really expect autonomous cars to roll out by the year 2025? How long will it take autonomous taxis to become available? Let us know your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below!

To get more information and deep insight on autonomous cars, visit the BCG Perspectives Study on Autonomous Cars online.

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